HELTASA Think Piece: Stephanie Allais

The value of the lecture The lecture is commonly dismissed as an outdated form of pedagogy, both in relation to opportunities opened by new technologies and in terms of emphasis on student activity and discussion. I argue that the lecture is a key part of academic work, and should be seen as a core pedagogy—obviously [...]


Call for Abstracts: HELTASA Tutoring & Mentoring segment of the SANRC FYE conference

The HELTASA Tutoring & Mentoring SIG would like to invite participants to submit abstracts for a parallel session on Tutoring & Mentoring in collaboration with the SANRC FYE Conference 2018. Theme: Presenters are encouraged to align their proposed topics with the SANRC FYE Conference 2018 theme: Toward the pursuit of excellence in national support to [...]


Thought piece: Prof. Bal Chandra Luitel

The one and the many: Moving beyond the hypothetico-deductive logic and genre Prof Bal Chandra Luitel, Kathmandu University School of Education Nepal My research and practice have been informed by a host of progressively developed paradigmatic turns, which exemplify the need to embrace multiplicities whilst catering to varying needs of postgraduate researchers who aspire to [...]


The Flipped Paper Session

In keeping with the conference theme ‘transcending boundaries’ the HELTASA 2017 conference organising committee have decided to ‘walk the talk’ by including alternative presentation formats and modes of presentation. This year in addition to the Paper, Poster and Critical Dialogue sessions we introduce the ‘Flipped paper session’. Based on the idea of the flipped classroom, [...]