Growing ourselves, growing the field of academic staff development When: 7 and 8 August 2017 Where: North Campus of NMMU (details to follow) This year the focus of the PD SIG is on growing ourselves and enhancing the field of academic staff development practice in South Africa. You are invited to join the HELTASA Professional Development [...]


Thought Piece – Yusef Waghid

Yusef Waghid – Distinguished Professor and Acting Dean, Stellenbosch University Nowadays, certainly at the institutions where we work, the concept of curriculum renewal has emerged as a potential panacea for the decontextual dilemma that confronts universities. By the decontextual dilemma I refer to curricula at universities that are unresponsive to societal contexts and [...]


Call for abstracts: National Extended Curriculum (ECP) Colloquium – Durban

2017 National Extended Curriculum Programmes/Foundation Colloquium 20th – 21st September 2017 @ Blue Waters Hotel, Durban, KZN “Pushing the Frontiers of Foundation Provisioning: Reflecting on more than a decade of practice –Are we winning?” DUT and MUT have partnered in the spirit of collaboration, a direction encouraged by DHET, to bring together public universities in [...]


Call for Abstracts: Regional Extended Curriculum (ECP) Symposium – Western Cape

Increasingly the importance associated with student ʻtransitionsʼ from school to university has gained traction. Research, particularly, under the First Year Experience (FYE) banner has highlighted the multiple challenges students encounter when they first come to university. However, student transitions to university is often assumed to be normative and uniform with primary focus placed on inducting [...]


HELTASA Conference 2017 update

The HELTASA 2017 conference theme provides opportunities to interrogate and respond to the current challenges to higher education well-being. It brings to the fore academic conversations on the greater purpose of higher education and the need to engender, revive and preserve the roles of higher education and for institutions, students, academics and researchers to look [...]