National Benchmarking Tests Reports – What’s your view?

The National Benchmark Tests Project (NBTP) is an initiative of Universities South Africa (USAf) that started in 2008. The Centre for Higher Education and Development (CHED) at UCT is the implementing partner facilitating the national testing of students enrolling in Higher Education for the first time. While the NBT’s are an important diagnostic tool to [...]


Developing academic literacies through understanding the nature of disciplinary knowledge

Much academic development work that is framed by academic literacies, especially that focused on writing, is concerned with disciplinary conventions and knowledges: conceptual, practical, and procedural. This paper argues, however, that academic literacies work tends to conflate literacy practices with disciplinary knowledge structures, thus obscuring the structures from which these practices emanate. This paper demonstrates [...]


Generic gold standard or contextualised public good? Teaching excellence awards in post-colonial South Africa

by Kasturi Behari-Leak & Sioux McKenna Read the full article in the Teaching in Higher Education Journal and the abstract below. Let us know what you think in the comments section! Abstract Teaching Excellence Awards have raised the profile of teaching as a scholarly project. There are however a number of questions about what constitutes teaching [...]