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HELTASA executive committee

Kasturi Behari-Leak (UCT)
Kasturi Behari-Leak (UCT)Chair
Dr Mary Masehela (Univen)
Dr Mary Masehela (Univen)Deputy Chair (membership and recruitment)
Vanessa Merckel (UJ)
Vanessa Merckel (UJ)Deputy Chair (regional collaboration and events)
Esmarie Strydom (NWU)
Esmarie Strydom (NWU)Treasurer
Rieta Ganas (Wits)
Rieta Ganas (Wits)SIG convenor
Dr Kershree Padayachee (Wits)
Dr Kershree Padayachee (Wits)Critical dialogues and newsletter
Dr Bradley Rink (UWC)
Dr Bradley Rink (UWC)Social media, critical dialogues and newsletter
Nomfundo Siqwede (RU)
Nomfundo Siqwede (RU)Secretarial support
Anne-Mart Olsen (NMU)
Anne-Mart Olsen (NMU)2018 Conference Convenor
Dr Rejoice Nsibande (Wits)
Dr Rejoice Nsibande (Wits)Teaching Excellence Awards Chair