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TAU 2015/2016 Fellows

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Bernie MillarTAUDept. of Clothing & Textile Technology
Critical Realism; post-graduate epistemological and ontological access and pedagogy; multilingualism in Higher Education; threshold concepts; concept-mapping for epistemological access; teaching and learning in Higher Education; teaching and learning in Emergency Medical Sciences.
TAU Project Report
Nomakhaya Mashiyi TAU Faculty Language Coordinator (Faculty of Education)
Teaching- Learning in HE Language Education Education Policy Implementation Professional Development of academic staff
TAU Project Report

Central University of Technology

Brenton Grant Fredericks TAU Dept. of Communication Sciences
Academic literacy, Organisational Communication and learner achievement.
TAU Project Report
Belinda van der Merwe TAU Dept. Clinical Sciences
Research interest is the conversion of a recently developed student guide into an interactive E book or mobile application. Radiography students spend weeks off campus at hospitals during work place learning and to have information regarding radiation safety requirements at hand will deepen learning and have the potential to engage the student to master the radiation safety requirements.
TAU Project Report
Noluntu Mpekoa TAU Dept. of Information Technology
Advancement in mobile technologies, Internet of Things, Communication Networks, as well as Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
TAU Project Report

Durban University of Technology

Ashley Ross TAU Dept. of Homoeopathy
Homoeopathic pathogenetic trails.
TAU Project Report
Anisa Vahed TAU Dept. of Dental Sciences
Metallographic structure of newly developed dental materials, and the teaching and learning through discipline-specific games to enable students’ access to, and acquisition of, knowledge.
TAU Project Report
Paulene Naidoo TAU Dept. of Public Relations Management
Teaching, Learning and Assessments (Community Engagement, Graduate attributes, Student preparedness) Enhancing student success Student Access Communication E-learning Public Relations
TAU Project Report

Mangosuthu University of Technology

Alfred Msomi TAU Dept. of Maths and Sciences
Solution of Differential using the method of Lie symmetries. Impact on the use of technology in the teaching and learning of engineering mathematics at a University of Technology (E-Learning platform).
TAU Project Report
Alex Nabbi TAU Dept. of Accounting
The value and influence of foundational provisioning as a strategy to facilitate student success and address the issues of social redress. How can we broaden the concept of quality education to include citizenry, social justice and redress.
TAU Project Report
Sandiso Ngcobo TAU Dept. of Communications
Multilingualism in education and society, and management studies.
TAU Project Report

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Andre du Plessis TAU Faculty of Education
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Primary School Mathematics Education with special reference to ICT implementation and integration in education.
TAU Project Report
rita-kizito Teaching and Learning Specialist
I am interested in learning activity design research, with a particular focus on how technologies can be used to facilitate meaning-making.
TAU Project Report

North West University

Lida Holtzhausen TAU School of Communication Studies
Corporate communication: reputation, branding, marketing and marketing communication in both the profit and not-for-profit sector.
TAU Project Report
Liqhwa Siziba TAU Dept. of Academic Literacy
Action Research, Reflective practice, Innovative and Transformative teaching approaches, Identity and Discourse analysis.
TAU Project Report
Dr. Santisa Viljoen TAU School of Music
The relationship between texts, contexts and identity formation. Voice pathology. The use of technology in practical music education.
TAU Project Report

Rhodes University

Dr. Candice Christie TAU Dept. of Human Kinetics & Ergonomics
Exercise interventions for cardiovascular health promotion in female populations and understanding fatigue mechanisms in intermittent sports such as cricket.
TAU Project Report
Mic Halse TAU Dept. of Computer Science
ICTs in education, Advanced Learning Technologies (ALTs) and their relationship to learning styles/gender/culture, E-Learning, early learning, gender, critical sexualities.
TAU Project Report
Undine Weber TAU Dept. of German Studies
20th century German literature, academic aspects of teaching, theory and practice of translation.
TAU Project Report

Tswane University of Technology

Janine Lewis TAU Dept. of Drama and Film
post-dramatic theatre, theatre-making and devising practice, physical theatre and performance art.
TAU Project Report

University of Cape Town

Andy Buffler TAU
Radiation detection and applications, and tertiary physics education.
TAU Project Report
Vanessa Burch TAU Chair of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences
Workplace-based learning, generic learning skills, diagnostic reasoning, clinical bedside teaching.
TAU Project Report
Ilse Lubbe TAU Dept. of Accounting
Accounting Education, including:  Challenges when educating professionals, educating for professional qualifications  Curriculum development, including new programme development  Accounting knowledge production and principle-based learning strategies  Pedagogy relating to large class teaching and e-learning strategies
TAU Project Report

University of Fort Hare

Mr Actor Katurura TAU Dept. of Law
Curriculum Development; Legal Education; Environmental Law, Customary Law, Jurisprudence.
TAU Project Report
Dr. Roxanne Piderit TAU Dept. of Information Systems
Teaching-related Research Interests: • Factors impacting on Student Success • Adjusting Assessment to Enhance Student Learning • Plagiarism Awareness and Improving Student Writing • Establishing Realistic Systems Development Project Environments Discipline-specific Research Interests • Enhancing Citizen Participation in e-Government (Thuthuka-funded Project) • Technology Trust Management for Business Improvement/Competitiveness • Social Media and Privacy • Green IT Policy Development
TAU Project Report
Dr. Drusilla Yekela TAU Dept. of History
The 19th century interaction of colonial authorities, traditional rulers and the Christian missionaries, Wars of Resistance that punctuated most of the 19th century history of the North and South East Cape, and Nguni chieftainships with specific interest in the vicissitudes of abaThembu chieftainship.
TAU Project Report

University of Free State

Corlia Jansen van vuuren TAU Teaching and learning manager for Economic and Management Science
Higher Education, Teaching and Learning.
TAU Project Report
Joey SerokoaneTAU Dept. of Anthropology
Transformative education, community engagement, culture and health.
TAU Project Report

University of Johannesburg

Sibusiso Mdletshe TAU Dept. of Radiography
Role extension in Medical Imaging; Teaching, Learning and Assessment; Use of Technology in Teaching; Student Engagement.
TAU Project Report
Joyce Sibeko TAU Dept. Business Management
Service learning and collaboration
TAU Project Report

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Suzanne TAU School of Social Sciences
TAU Project Report
Fatima SulemanTAU Dept. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Policy and Systems; Health Education.
TAU Project Report

University of Limpopo

Oliver Mtapuri TAU Academic Leader for Research, School of Built Environment and Development Studies
My research interests include the nature, extent and measurement and conceptions of poverty and inequality. I also look at the environment, anthropocene, climate change; community-based tourism, livelihoods and well-being; social protection and development management; project management and financial management.
TAU Project Report
Prof Tom Netshisaulu TAU Dept. of Physics
Computer modelling of materials Energy efficiency projects Physics Education Issues in higher education
TAU Project Report
Suresh Singh TAU Dept. of Science Education
Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Science Education Nature of Science Implementation Of CAPS Teacher Education
TAU Project Report

University of South Africa

Prof Sarah Jane Johnston TAU Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Orthogonal polynomials; quasi-orthogonal polynomials; special functions: Hypergeometric polynomials.
TAU Project Report
Mokgadi Matlakala TAU Dept. of Health Studies
Course and curriculum design.
TAU Project Report

University of Pretoria

Dr. Lynne Pilcher TAU Dept. of Chemistry
The application of organic synthesis for solving biological problems. I am involved in research collaborations with Biochemists where I can apply a chemical viewpoint in the interpretation of biochemical results. The ability to propose mechanisms to explain organic reactions is what I enjoy most about organic chemistry. I am excited about collaborative ventures to combine physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry to solve biochemical reaction mechanisms. I am a keen teacher of organic chemistry and want to apply the best education research and practice in my teaching.
TAU Project Report
Corner Postma TAU Dept. of Dental Management Sciences
Dental education (teaching and learning especially) Self-regulated learning Clinical reasoning Bridging the gap between school and university Health services research
TAU Project Report
Dr. Alecia Samuels TAU Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Early Childhood intervention, disability, participation and engagement, blended learning.
TAU Project Report

Stellenbosch University

Elmarie Costandius TAU Dept. of Visual Art
Critical citizenship and social justice education.
TAU Project Report
Prof Geo Quinot TAU Dept. of Public Law
Administrative law Public procurement regulation Legal education
TAU Project Report
Ian Couper TAU Director, Ukwanda Centre for Rural Health, Stellenbosch University
Health service development; health professions education; rural medical education; community-based education; human resources for rural health; family medicine.
TAU Project Report

University of Venda

Makondelele makatu TAU Dept. of Psychology
Widows’ bereavement and related rituals, siblings of mentally retarded children, coping with special health care needs and parental support towards adolescents’ pregnancy, and adolescents and financial stress in the family.
TAU Project Report

University of Western Cape

Prof. Vuyokazi Nomlomo  TAU Language Education
Language and Literacy Education for basic and higher education, especially Teacher Education, with a special focus on multilingualism and multiliteracies and the development and intellectualisation of African languages, particularly for mathematics and science teaching and learning.
TAU Project Report
Prof Lindsay Clowes TAU Faculty of Arts
Current research explores ways in which subject locations structured around biological sex, gender, sexuality, race, class and other salient identities mediate and shape the possibilities for both teaching and learning.
TAU Project Report

University of Witwatersrand

Prof. Ugash Subramaney TAU Dept. of Psychiatry
Medical: Traumatic Stress and related disorders, Forensic Psychiatry, (particularly female offenders), Psychotherapy (particularly CBT). Teaching and training/education: Resilience, self efficacy and self regulation aspects of teaching and learning.
TAU Project Report

Vaal University of Technology

Annie MoletsaneTAU Director of Work Integrated Learning
TAU Project Report

Walter Sisulu University

Jogymol ALex TAU Faculty of Educational Sciences, Walter Sisulu University
Learning and Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics and Mathematics Teacher Education.
TAU Project Report
TAU Dept. of Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition
Working with Indigenous communities - health issues relating to indigenous edible vegetables and herbs and how their views (IKS) can inform nutrition education and food product development as well as how the university and indigenous communities can pollinate each other in terms of sharing information and collaboration in issues of poverty alleviation/Food security.
TAU Project Report

TAU 2015/2016 Advisors

TAUUniversity of the Western Cape
Director of Teaching and Learning
TAUUniversity of Johannesburg
Senior Coordinator: Professional Academic Staff Development
TAUUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal
Higher Education
TAUUniversity of the Witwatersrand
Head: Evaluation Services Unit (focused on evaluation of teaching and courses) at the Center for Learning, Teaching and Development, Witwatersrand.
TAU University of KwaZulu-Natal
Director: Teaching & Learning
TAU University of Cape Town
Language Development Group Academic Development Programme Centre for Higher Education Development
TAUNorth-West University
Faculty of Education
TAUUniversity of Johannesburg
TAURhodes University
Lecturer: Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL)
TAUUniversity of Cape Town
Centre For Innovation in Learning and Teaching
TAUUniversity of Venda
Teaching Facilitator: Staff Development

TAU 2015/2016 Enquiry Group posters


TAU 2015/2016 Engagement

Unearthing Tinkerbell: Cultivating reflective practice in SITU

Professor Liqhwa Siziba from the North-West University Mafikeng Campus and TAU 2015 – 2016 Fellow delivered a keynote address at the NWU SOTL Conference on 22 September 2017. The title of her interactive and inspiring talk was: Unearthing Tinkerbell: Cultivating reflective practice in SITU.

Grand Finalé of the TAU Fellowships Programme

14 – 19 July saw the grand finale of the Teaching Advancement at University (TAU) Fellowships Programme which took place at the Karridene Hotel, Durban.

The 50 candidates – academics committed to teaching and learning at 20 South African higher education institutions – engaged with each other about the scholarship of teaching and learning, teaching excellence and change and transformation over a period of 13 months. They have all achieved the requirements of the programme:

  • managed an individual project
  • participated in all the face to face and online learning activities
  • contributed to an enquiry group process and report
  • and are now officially “TAU Fellows”

The reports of their individual investigations and more details about the cohort are available on this site. The next TAU programme should be advertised via Deputy Vice Chancellors at all South African public higher education institutions during the first half of 2017. Here are some comments on the TAU experience by TAU Fellows:

It has changed the way I view Higher Education, and I finally view myself as an academic and a professional.
… as individual I have started to critically question my perspectives and beliefs and … started a transformative journey.
…these discussions were a source of inspiration for me and incredibly valuable.
By suspending discipline, hierarchy, power relations, and spaces that usually frame my professional identity…. placed me in a different context premised on a commitment to effective and responsible teaching and learning in contemporary South Africa. This was a very liberating experience and eventually one of deep reflection and learning . … We have learnt to shed aside institutional bias , our discipline masks and the importance of our titles and look at the one thing we all have in common – a passion for teaching.

TAU Fellows and Advisors, July 2016, Karridene Beach Hotel, Durban


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