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Professional Development(1)

Rosaline GovenderThe Professional Development Special Interest Group (PD CLC) is a network of academics and academic developers collaboratively constructing spaces and opportunities for professional development across Higher Education Institutions in South Africa.

The PD CLC committee is responsible for organising at least one annual workshop in which members of the CLC share knowledge and strategies for the professional development of academics for their teaching role. In addition, the CLC explores the enhancement of the knowledge and practices of academic developers.

The work of the PD CLC is underpinned by the National Framework for Enhancing Academics as University Teachers (2018) and is directed at Academic Developers and academic staff in Higher Education. Ngwenya (2019) argues that “academic developers as critical educators have an important role in creating conditions for the fundamental transformation of Higher Education curricula, epistemologies and approaches to pedagogy (Ngwenya, 2019:97). The three main aims of PDCLC are to:

  1. Enable continuous professional development (CPD) for Academic Developers
  2. Advance university teaching through leadership development in Academic Development.
  3. Promote knowledge production and knowledge sharing about Academic Development and the transformation of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (adapted from
  4. National Framework for Enhancing Academics as University Teachers, 2018)

The National Framework for Enhancing Academics as University Teachers (2018) highlights the importance of “enabling teaching support professionals and university leaders and managers to support and promote good teaching”. The PDCLC’s imperative is to provide capacity building programmes targeted at Academic Developers and to also provide the space for sharing transformative practices and to engage in scholarly debates and engagement.

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