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Convening Committee Members


Dr Subethra Pather


Dr Nelia Frade

Subethra Pather
Dr Neila Frade

The Peer Support CLC, focuses on peer support initiatives in South African Higher Education institutions. These include tutor/mentor/SI Leader training and development as well as professional development initiatives for staff working with tutors/mentors/SI Leaders. The aim of the CLC is to promote collegiality, resource development and research with relation to peer support programmes.

Current projects include a joint research initiative between institutions on tutor practices (For more information contact any of the CLC team members)

Meet the Peer Support CLC team: 2017-2020

Subethra PatherDr Subethra Pather is currently the Acting Director of the Directorate of Learning Teaching & Student Success (DLTSS) & Teaching & Learning Specialist in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic at the University of Western Cape. Included in her portfolio is the coordination of the institution-wide tutor programme and UWC FYE. Dr Pather PhD study formed part of a nation-wide project titled: Education and Emancipation: An investigation of obstacles and opportunities within higher education and training in South Africa supported & funded by DHET. Dr Pather’s research interests are located within the higher education field with particular focus on: student learning support, FYE and student access & success in HE. Dr Pather serves as the convenor for the HELTASA Peer Support Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC).

Dr Neila Frade Dr Nelia Frade is a Senior Coordinator at the Centre for Staff Development (CASD) with particular reference to tutoring, at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Her role is to provide strategic leadership to ensure that tutorials remain integral to teaching and learning. Her research interests include, the role of tutors in promoting student success, integrating tutorials into the curriculum, blended learning environments, student development theories and student engagement and involvement theories. Dr Frade serves as the co-convenor of the HELTASA Peer Support Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC).

Xena Cupido Dr Xena Cupido is currently an Acting Head of Department at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She is located in the Student Learning Unit which forms a part of Fundani: Centre for Higher Education Development. Xena Cupido holds a PhD in Educational Psychology. Her research interests include working with students as partners. As a researcher, learning and development specialist she has created engaging and professionally produced content across various platforms and implemented learning interventions that are designed according to the business need to support business objectives and broader capability development. Dr Cupido is a member of the HELTASA Peer Support Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC) and is involved in marketing & support.

Ms Thaiurie Govender Thaiurie Govender is currently an Educational Technologist at Varsity College – Sandton. She was a teacher for four years and taught Natural Science, Mathematics, Life Science and Physical Science. She later joined the Academic Development & Support Unit at the North West University – Vaal Triangle Campus as an Academic Adviser and as a Tutor Trainer at CELT. She has obtained a Master Degree in Education Curriculum Development (NWU-Potchefstroom Campus). She is a member of the HELTASA Peer Support Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC).

For further information or to add to the conversation, please reach out to Nomfundo at info@heltasa.org.za.