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A call for participation

(Un)Conference participants are invited to join us as we connect and together, spotlight learning and teaching institutionally, nationally, and globally, particularly in times of dimming lights.

We encourage participants to submit proposals exploring the (Un)Conference sub-themes:

To follow the (Un)Conference approach, participants are encouraged to initiate scholarly conversations in relation to one of our sub-themes. Proposal submissions should include two to three key questions for further engagement that your proposal raises.

The HELTASA (Un)Conference provides participants with the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, research studies, and engage with each other in one of the following formats:

Presentation time: 15 – 20 minutes (including Q&A)

Share completed work or work-in-progress. Rather than traditional research presentations, these presentations should be reflective, provocative, inspiring, and focus on findings but also, on questions that have emerged or still remain from a proposal to feed into the facilitated conversation among presenters and participants in the space. We want to aim to foster dialogue and discussion, rather than ‘show and tell’. Proposal submissions should end with two-to-three questions to promote discussion.

Presentation time: 10 – 15 minutes (including Q&A)

Poster presentations are for shorter presentations and are ideal for presenters who want the opportunity for raising conversations and dialogue. The participant shares ideas to others using a combination of visuals and text. Poster sessions facilitate a rich exchange of ideas. We encourage the use of digital posters and creative formats.

Presentation time: 15 minutes (including Q&A)

These creative contributions can be in poetry, song, dance and/or other creative presentations.

Time: 45 – 60 minutes

Critical dialogues begin with provocations followed by a collective engagement with participants. These can be in the form of critical dialogues or round table discussions (not presentations).

Time: 1 – 2 hours

Workshops will be more interactive or ‘hands on’ and purposefully structured according to the aims of the facilitators.

Submission of proposal

Include the following when you submit a proposal:

  • Title
  • Sub-theme:
    1. Shining a light on the learning and teaching experience in higher education
    2. Spotlight on digital transformation in higher education
    3. Illuminating scholarship in higher education
    4. Highlighting higher education practices for changing times
  • Format: Oral presentation, poster presentation, artistic demonstration, critical dialogue, workshop
  • Proposal (Up to 500 words + 3 question(s) for engagement)
  • Up to 5 keywords
*Note on proposal acceptance

Speakers / presenters / facilitators are required to participate in person. When you receive confirmation of your proposal being accepted, please ensure your content is uploaded ahead of the event (please revert to the important dates). The technical team will be on standby to support you before you engage with fellow participants.

Important dates

Due date for submission of proposals (extended): 30 August 2023
Feedback on proposals: 08 September 2023
Registration closes: 30 September 2023
Due date for payment: 13 October 2023
Upload of presentations: 20 October 2023
(Un)conference: 24 – 26 October 2023