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The Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA) is a professional association for educators and other significant role-players in the tertiary sector.

The executive team has been hard at work on our reshaping and restructuring process to make the organisation even better, and we have introduced a new structure which lends itself to ensuring that we are an organisation that is a strong voice in Higher Education, supportive of our members and uplifting of marginalised voices while working towards completing our objectives.

Our new key strategic pillars


understanding the broader context our organisation operates in


being proactive and prompt in responding to crises


solidly forging ahead and overcoming all manner of obstacles

The R, R and R process has reconceptualised the roles and responsibilities of HELTASA’s executive functions to maximise each one’s potential.

Project teams

HELTASA has been shape-shifting our modes of being and doing to be an organisation that makes a difference. We have made the HELTASA circle bigger by bringing new colleagues on board as members and as part of our leadership structures.

The organisation consists of these two sets of teams for a total of 10 projects:

  • The Strategic Project Teams
  • The Scholarly Project Teams

These teams will engage with membership on matters that will contribute to teaching and learning scholarship within Higher Education. We are very fortunate to have these esteemed academics and practitioners on board.

Learn more about our new project teams

HELTASA (Un)Conference 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has led to Higher Education institutions having to grapple with the implications of the digital divide in a context where remote learning and teaching has become the status quo. Academics have had to develop curricula that reflect a world that has changed overnight. Researchers embarked on studies to uncover answers to questions that are not yet known. Some students have had to navigate their entire higher education journeys without physically seeing their peers or setting foot on campus.

Driven by these shifts in the sector, the HELTASA 2021 (Un)Conference will explore the following theme: Sivela phi? Si phi? Siya phi? – Being resilient, responsive and relevant in a shifting Higher Education context

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