A Message from the President

Navigating Higher Education’s Transformative Journey

It is an honor to welcome you to our vibrant community, a nexus for those dedicated to elevating learning and teaching within the higher education sector of Southern Africa and beyond. Our mission, grounded in a commitment to equitable learning and teaching access and success, inclusivity, social justice and societal redress, seeks to foster a transformative platform and space where scholarship and professional learning can flourish.

HELTASA is driven by the belief that the strength of our educational systems lies in the collegiality, relationality, collaboration and professionalism of our community. Our continuous effort towards enhancing this strength is underpinned by our principles of Relevance, Responsiveness and Resilience (3Rs). Our strategy endeavors to contribute to and enhance all aspects related to learning and teaching practices, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in the broader academic project. Our focus extends to strengthening professional partnerships and relationships across the sector, in being an inclusive and diverse association that is unwavering in its commitment to upliftment and enhancement.

Our initiatives are designed to create, enhance and sustain an enabling, agentic, and reflexive network of Higher Education practitioners. By facilitating and encouraging collaborative activities, conversations and dialogic engagements, we aim to influence and shape learning and teaching policy, practice and scholarship in contextually valuable ways. It is through theses co-created and collaborative efforts that we enhance professional learning of the sector, ensuring that as HE practitioners we are enabled to mediate, negotiate and navigate the complexities of higher education with confidence and courage.

The professionalization of HE practitioners remains at the forefront of our agenda. We recognize the critical need for accessible, valuable and enhanced learning and teaching experiences, strengthened by exploratory and emerging educational research. Our commitment extends to promoting networking, communities of practice and professional support among HE practitioners, fostering professional spaces where ideas can be exchanged, engaged, and innovations can be sparked.

We invite you to join us in our journey to strengthen our institutional, regional, national, continental and global presence. Your participation, engagement and contributions are vital to our collective success. Together we can achieve a continuously transforming and transformative higher education quality that is reflective of our shared learning and teaching access and success aspirations and commitments.

Welcome to our collective. Let us embark on this “shape -shifting” journey together, with a shared vision of contextual relevance, responsiveness and resilience towards the unknown futures of higher education.

Warm Regards

Rieta Ganas

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