There is global agreement that education system transformation needs to take both concerns of social justice and planetary well-being into consideration. These issues come strongly into focus with international and national policy initiatives that set aspirational goals for transforming societies. These are not uncontested and require critical as well as co-constructive engagement at all levels of the education and training system.

As part of the PUAT (Professionalisation of Undergraduate Academic Teaching) Project and embedding sustainable development goals within university curricula, CHERTL at Rhodes University hosted a workshop in April 2022, which intended to probe this question with participating academics who are making interesting contributions in the area of sustainability and planetary well-being as well as social justice. In particular we were interested in probing the intersectionality of these concerns, as they relate to enhancing the quality and relevance of undergraduate education, and curriculum transformation more widely.

The intended outcome of the workshop, which was hosted over two afternoons, was to collaboratively develop tools for curriculum innovation that can be more widely shared nationally and globally.

Watch the engaging sessions from the workshop at the links below.