We invite you to attend a webinar organised by HELTASA’s Partner project, the PUAT (Professionalisation of Undergraduate Academic Teaching) Erasmus+ project. The webinar will explore how the sustainable development goals (SDGs) can be infused in university curricula, through problem-based learning. Prof. Coleen Vogel and PUAT Project Lead, Prof. Vassilios Makrakis, will be presenting the session.

Webinar details:

  • Title: “Addressing the infusion of SDGs in university curricula through problem-based learning”
  • Date: Wednesday, 23 February 2022
  • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm
  • Platform: Zoom

Presenter bios:

  • Coleen Vogel is a climatologist by training and has undertaken research in climate change, climate vulnerability and adaptation, with a particular focus on disaster risk reduction and climate variability. She is currently a Professor in the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), as well as the Acting Director of the Global Change Institute at Wits. She was one of the key contributors to the writing of the Green and White Papers on South African Disaster Management and was a major contributing author for the Disaster Management Act. Prof Vogel was also one of the Chapter Lead Authors of the Africa Chapter for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC 4th Assessment Report and an author of the Synthesis Report for Policy Makers of the 4th IPCC Assessment Report.
  • Vassilios Makrakis is a Professor of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development in the School of Education & Social Sciences at Frederick University, Cyprus and currently coordinates the PUAT project and two other Erasmus+ projects in Asia and Egypt. He also serves as the UNESCO Chair “ICTs in Education for Sustainable Development” at the University of Crete, Greece, as well as the Director of the Regional Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Development (RCE Crete), acknowledged by the United Nations University. Prof Makrakis has extensive research experience across several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.