Theme: Sivela phi? Siphi? Siya phi? – Shifts, Options, Decisions

Ke nako!

Can you hear the shifting, the rustling
Or is it just the bustling of universities returning to old ways?
How do we move forward rather than backward?
Sivela phi? Siphi? Siya phi?
Conform or change, revert or re-form?
Like shifting sands of the hourglass these are the decisions of our days
The time has come…Isikhathi sifikile, Ixesha lisondele!
Re-imagine, re-shift, re-focus
What shall it be?
Can you hear me, can you see me? I am the voice of the future… and I matter
Facing the realities of today and preparing for the unknown possibilities of tomorrow
We unravel the threads that bind us to weave new connections to self and others
The knower becomes a seeker and the seeker a seed
A seed awakened by the sunshine and its thirst quenched by the rain
A little plant emerges and rises to see what a wonderful world this is
Nestled in the soil of Africa, the plant nourished by the tears and pain of the past
Awakens to the light of hope, as it rises to a world transformed…
Within a landscape of possibilities and potential
Shifting swaying and yet decisive to try
Unleashing the emergence of new capacity, capability and commitment
While standing tall bearing the armour of resilience responsiveness and relevance
We are strong, alive…becoming
Your glimmering thoughts are needed
To inspire and transform!
Ke nako!


The Week in Visulas

By Caileigh Pentz

Day 1 excellence
Day 1 Digital Learning and Teaching
Day 2 AD Leaders SIG
day 2 PL
Day 3 PHD
Day 3 PD
Day 4 SL
Day 4 Decolonialism

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