Re-imagining teaching and learning in higher education by accelerating efforts to achieve SDGS – A call for curriculum transformation

Date: 7 October 2022
Time: 09h00—10h00
Platform: MS Teams

For any inquiries please contact Dr Valeria Baloyi at

HELTASA invites you to join a live webinar by the Professionalisation of Undergraduate Academic Teaching (PUAT) team. The webinar will be hosted by Dr David Tinarwo, Senior Lecturer and researcher in Renewable Energy Technologies at the University of Venda.

Dr Tinarwo will discuss the projects he is working on, including building capacity in university students, school learners, and local communities to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). There are seventeen of these goals, ranging from #1 No Poverty, to #5 Gender Equality, all the way to #17 Partnerships for the goals. This last point speaks to the importance of our academic communities, academic development and the partnerships we can make in order to reach our HE objectives.

Dr Tinwaro’s work includes training students in designing and implanting sustainable development projects in local communities, and he leads both national and international biogas-related research and community-based projects.

Sustainability, community and educational development are synonymous, and one can’t be achieved without the other. We look forward to an engaging and illuminating discussion!