A number of resources focusing on Tutoring and Mentoring are being developed for participants in this project and for the wider HELTASA and higher education educator community: they include a Practice-sharing site containing case descriptions of tutoring and mentoring projects in the South African higher education community, a Good Practice Guide – watch this space after March 2017, a Mendeley Public Group of literature in the field of tutoring and mentoring and lists of suitable journals in which those involved in tutoring and mentoring as well as FYE may wish to consider for submitting their papers.


In addition, Dr Ina Louw has prepared her paper, Tutor support to turn tutorials into learning spaces, delivered at the SANRC FYE Conference as a slide-talk. In this presentation, Dr Louw describes the tutoring system in the University of Pretoria Science Faculty and the guidelines developed for tutor training, based on empirical research conducted in the Faculty.

If you would like to develop a case, please send it in MS Word, with minimal formatting to Lucy Alexander at Include photographs with titles where possible, and obtain any informed consent which might be applicable in your institution. A template for cases can be downloaded here.


Part of this project aim is to raise the profile of tutoring and mentoring in the research community of educators in higher education. In the process of supporting writers on this project, a bibliography is being drawn together; in order to share these references with participants, HELTASA members and the wider research community, this repository is being built on Mendeley, a free reference manager and academic social network.

Mendeley is a combination of a desktop application and a website which helps you manage, share and discover both content and contacts in research. This fully-searchable library will allow you to find new resources in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device.

Mendeley Groups are used for collaboration with other Mendeley users, e.g. your colleagues, to create a shared collection of documents. Groups also allow members to put together a list of papers and share notes. This is a Public Open Group, so anyone may join and contribute to it.

Join the group here.


Accredited and non-accredited journals in the area of the SOTL in higher education 14 10 2016

This list is based on the DHET 2012 list. It was drawn up by Prof Chris Winberg and others have added and corrected as further journals are accredited. It is therefore not comprehensive although you will find the full list here.

Accreditation has been taken over by ASSAf on behalf of DHET: this has opened up the number of lists to include the Norwegian list, SCIELO and Scopus to the previous lists.

On the site, the first list is the so-called DHET / DoE / SAPSE list. People often assume that this list of SA journals which are approved by the DHET for funding is the only list of approved journals. However, this is the list of the journals which are considered good enough for funding in South Africa, but many of them are not yet good enough for inclusion on the other international lists.


Accredited Journals

Non-accredited Journals


  • Acta Academica
  • Alternation
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
  • British Journal of Sociology of Education
  • Computers and Education
  • Education as Change
  • Educational Research
  • Educational Research for Social Change
  • Higher Education Research and Development
  • International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD)
  • Internet and Higher Education
  • IETI (Innovations in Education and Teaching International)
  • Journal of Education and Work
  • Journal of Further and Higher Education
  • The Journal of Higher Education
  • Journal of Higher Education in Africa
  • Journal for New Generation Sciences
  • Research in Higher Education
  • South African Journal of Higher Education
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • Action Research
  • Education, Citizenship and Social Justice
  • Quality in Higher Education
  • Qualitative Research
  • Small Group Research
  • MIS Quarterly *
  • Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CRISTAL)
  • Innovations in Teaching and Education
  • Innovative Higher Education
  • International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Journal of Research on Computing in Education
  • Journal of Research on Technology in Education
  • Kagisano
  • New Directions for Higher Education
  • Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education
  • Teachers and Teaching
  • Active Learning in Higher Education
  • Journal for Student Affairs in Africa (under review for accreditation)


  • The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension
  • Journal of Agricultural Education;
  • Journal of Southern Agricultural Education Research;
  • International Journal of Environmental and Science Education


  • The Journal of Economic Education
  • Journal of Business Ethics*
  • The Academy of Management Journal*
  • Management Learning
  • Accounting Education: A Journal of Theory, Practice and Research
  • Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching & curriculum innovation
  • Australian Journal of Accounting Education
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education
  • International Journal of Information & Operations Management Education
  • Issues in Accounting Education
  • Journal of Accounting Education
  • Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research
  • Journal of Education for Business
  • Journal of Statistics Education
  • The Journal of Economic Education
  • Journal of Teaching in International Business
  • Accounting Education: an international journal
  • Business communication quarterly
  • E-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship
  • International Journal of Business and Marketing Education
  • Journal of Management Education
  • Journal of Marketing Education

Health Sciences

  • Academic Medicine
  • Advances in Health Sciences Education
  • Advances in Physiology Education
  • African Journal of Health Professions Education
  • American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
  • European Journal of Dental Education
  • Journal of Dental Education
  • Journal of Nursing Education
  • Journal of Surgical Education
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Teacher
  • Nurse Education Today
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nursing Education Perspectives (formerly Nursing and Health Care Perspectives)
  • Teaching and Learning in Medicine
  • Health Education Journal
  • Journal of Health Communication
  • Qualitative Health Research
  • African Journal of Health Professions Education
  • BMC Medical Education
  • Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice
  • Education for Primary Care
  • Innovations in Occupational Therapy Education
  • Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine
  • Journal of General Internal Medicine: Official Journal of the Society for Research and Education in Primary Care Internal Medicine
  • Journal of Nutrition Education
  • Journal of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Education
  • Journal of Physical Therapy Education
  • Learning in Health and Social Care
  • Nurse Education in Practice
  • Pharmacy Education
  • Physiotherapy Education
  • The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing
  • The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
  • The Journal of Nursing Education
  • The Meducator
  • Journal of Research in Nursing
  • Medical Education Development
  • The Internet Journal of Medical Education
  • Focus on Health Professional Education
  • International Electronic Journal of Health Education
  • European Journal of Dental Education


  • Computer Applications in Engineering Education
  • Journal of Architectural Education
  • Journal of Engineering Education
  • Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice
  • Australasian Journal of Engineering Education
  • International Journal of Engineering Education
  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • Education for Chemical Engineers
  • European Journal of Engineering Education
  • International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
  • The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
  • Global Journal of Engineering Education
  • Engineering Education: Journal of the Higher Education Academy Engineers
  • Chemical Engineering Education

Arts and Social Sciences

  • Journal of Geography in Higher Education
  • Journal of Research in Music Education
  • Journal of Social Work Education
  • Music Education Research
  • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education
  • Second Language Research
  • Design Studies
  • Art Education
  • International Journal of Art and Design Education
  • Journal of Art and Design Education
  • Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
  • Journal of Political Science Education
  • Music Education Technology
  • Philosophy of Music Education Review
  • Research in Drama Education
  • Research Studies in Music Education
  • Social Work Education
  • Studies in Art Education
  • The Journal of Social Theory in Art Education
  • Update: Applications of Research in Music Education
  • Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
  • Tourist Studies
  • Psychology Learning and Teaching

Language and Academic Literacy

  • Applied Linguistics*
  • Journal of Second Language Teaching
  • Journal of Technical and Business Writing
  • Southern African Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Studies*
  • South African Journal for Language Teaching
  • Per Linguam*
  • Writing Across the Disciplines


  • African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education Research and Practice
  • Environmental Education Research
  • International Journal of Science Education
  • Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
  • Journal of Biological Education
  • Journal of Chemical Education
  • Journal of Geography in Higher Education
  • Research in Science Education
  • Science Education
  • Journal for New Generation Sciences
  • Computer Science Education
  • International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education
  • International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology
  • International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
  • International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
  • Journal of Geoscience Education
  • Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (formerly Microbiology Education)
  • Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
  • Journal of Science Education
  • Physics Education
  • Research in Science & Technological Education
  • Studies in Science Education
  • The Journal of Environmental Education
  • Electronic Journal of Science Education
  • International Journal of Environmental and Science Education


  • European Journal of Teacher Education: Journal of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE)
  • Journal of Education
  • Journal of Teacher Education
  • Perspectives in Education
  • South African Journal of Education
  • Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Journal of Education for Teaching
  • Education Research for Social Change
  • Issues in Teacher Education
  • Journal of Education for Teaching : JET
  • Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Journal of Music Teacher Education
  • Journal of Science Teacher Education
  • Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
  • Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science
  • South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Teacher Education Quarterly


  • Journal of Legal Education
  • European Journal of Legal Education
  • International Journal of Clinical Legal Education
  • Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education
  • Journal of Criminal Justice Education
  • Journal of Legal Studies Education
  • Journal of Professional Legal Education
  • Legal Education Review
  • The Law Teacher: the International Journal of Legal Education

* Discipline-based journals that have special editions on educational issues