(Un)conference 2023

Recap of the HELTASA (Un)Conference 2023:

The Higher Education Landscape in Southern Africa witnessed a transformative gathering at the HELTASA (Un)Conference 2023, hosted by the North-West University (NWU). Against the backdrop of emerging challenges such as load shedding, generators, and solar panels becoming integral to higher education planning and delivery, the conference illuminated innovative practices and scholarship aiming to navigate these changes.

Participants engaged in vibrant discussions spotlighting contextually relevant practices in learning, teaching, assessment, and scholarship. Amidst the digital transformation sweeping through higher education, educators shared insights into harnessing technology to enhance student experiences and promote inclusive learning environments.

The conference served as a beacon of hope, emphasizing the importance of celebrating achievements and embracing new pathways forward. Through dialogue and collaboration, attendees explored strategies to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities in higher education.

Key themes included the integration of renewable energy solutions into educational infrastructure, the evolution of teaching methodologies in response to changing times, and the role of scholarship in driving institutional innovation. From sharing ‘lightbulb moments’ to fostering sustainable conversations, participants left inspired and equipped with actionable insights to drive positive change within their institutions.

As the (Un)Conference concluded, there was a collective sense of optimism and determination to continue building on the momentum generated. The North-West University and HELTASA project teams committed to sustaining the dialogue and fostering scholarly engagement among higher education practitioners across Southern Africa. With a firm belief in the ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ attendees departed with renewed energy and a shared commitment to shaping the future of higher education in the region.

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