HELTASA Festival
Ke Nako! - HELTASA Festival - 2022

For two of the Festival sessions there is an open call for submissions. Submissions are due 15 November.

Deadline: 15 November

Deadline: 22 November

Representation of your ‘academic’ identities

The HELTASA Programme Development Team invites you to engage in an interactive workshop on Wednesday, 7 December, from 09:00 until 12:00 during the forthcoming #HELTASAfest22.

Responding to the festival theme, Sivela phi? Siphi? Siya phi? – Shifts, Options, Decisions and our sub-theme, Academic identities in flux, we invite you critically reflect on how academic identities shape and influence curriculum intentions and activities.

  • Curricula are not neutral or context-free
  • Curricula represent and enact academic identities that can

    • enable or constrain student epistemological access to disciplinary/professional/privileged knowledge
    • foster or hinder student learning
    • create inclusive or exclusionary pedagogic spaces
  • It is essential to be aware of how academic identities

    • intersect and shape curricula intentions and practices
    • develop and strengthen reflective practitioner capacities

Pre-workshop task: Representation of your ‘academic’ identities

Create, and bring along a textual (written or oral), visual or multimodal artefact that seeks to express who you are as an academic, lecturer, scholar, researcher, practitioner, teacher, or professional in the university and what you bring of yourself to the teaching and learning context.

  • Textual artefacts may be in one or more South African language/s. Examples are a pledge (one paragraph), a short essay (maximum 200 words), a poem, etc.

  • Visual and multimodal artefacts could include collages, drawings, pictures, etc.

  • Audio artefacts could be a video clip, voice note, podcast, vlog, Tik Tok – note that the maximum length is 3-5 min.

Alternatively, instead of an artefact, you may choose to bring along 1 or 2 physical objects (e.g. photos, jewellery, clothing, ornaments, a framed diploma, cards, plants, etc…). Having these objects ready when you join the workshop will act as a starting point to reflect on your self-identity.

A short reflective post-script (e.g. 5-10 lines) should accompany each submission.

Post-workshop task: Workshop participants will be invited to revisit their artefacts with the view of refining and reshaping them in light of the workshop activities.

All submitted artefacts and accompanying post-scripts will be curated against the main themes emerging from the workshop and published online on the HELTASA conference website.

Details of the task will be discussed at the workshop. The due date for submissions is: Tuesday, 22 November.

Click on this link to upload your artefact onto Padlet.

Please complete the Google form to register your intention to contribute an artefact.

Please do so before 15 November.

A member of the Programme Team will be in touch about the next step. For queries, please email Anthea Adams.

Call for Contributions: Creating a Digital Garden (Digital L&T Intervention Posters)

The HELTASA Digital Learning and Teaching Team invites anyone who has tried out a digital learning, teaching or assessment intervention in 2022 to share their experience with other participants during #HELTASAFEST22.

We invite HELTASAFEST participants to create a slide/poster/infographic that represents your answer to the question:

What did I/we plant this year?

The slide/poster can include any form of representation: images, videos, links or text.

In responding to this prompt, consider answering some of the questions:

  • What kind of digital “garden” do you imagine?
  • What did you plant in your garden (context)? What need did you respond to?
  • How did you nourish growth?
  • What supported thriving or hampered growth?

If you intend to create/present a slide, please fill in the Google Form to register your intention to contribute a slide/poster.

Please do so before 15 November.

A member of the Digital L&T Team will be in touch. For queries, please email Greig Krull.

Deadline: 15 November