Convening Institution:

University of the Free State

Convening Committee Members:

Francois Marais –

SIG description:

The Foundation SIG brings together academic lecturers and academic and staff developers with an interest and experience in working in the many Foundational and extended curriculum (ECP) provisions across the different higher education institutions in South Africa. These academic provisions have the general aim of improving the access and success of students who might otherwise be excluded from higher education due to their schooling experiences. These programmes seek to provide enriched curricula, innovative teaching approaches and learning opportunities which help to facilitate meaningful access for students into both institutional cultures and the disciplinary and professional knowledge and practices of their course of study.

The main focus for the SIG over the next two year period is to stimulate and promote a culture of practice sharing amongst institutional partners. Such practice sharing initiatives should operate at individual institutions (department, faculty and institution wide platforms), but also traverse regional and national levels.  The idea is to encourage ECP units and staff at different institutions to create practice sharing platforms at their institution and also between their regional partners. Common ways such practice sharing activities might be facilitated is through sharing-circles and hosting regional seminars, symposia or colloquia. National practice sharing will be facilitated at the annual HELTASA conference, where ECP staff and units will be invited to lead/facilitate practice sharing circles focused on particular themes such as students learning, curriculum innovation, policy, administration and governance and student development.

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