The HELTASA (Un)Conference 2021 programme is filled with sessions that are designed to empower you to make your voice is heard. These sessions will spark critical dialogue about a shifting Higher Education (HE) context and, each day of the (Un)Conference will commence with an exploration of the Remo conference space – the platform that integrates our online and physical spaces to create HELTASA’s (un)conferencing model.

After each morning’s welcome, we’ll dive into provocative keynote panels – discussions that will stir the sharing of ideas, as well as reflexive praxis and collective engagement. These will span the HE landscape, in pre-eminent spheres of academics and education.

You will be able to join conversations on topics such as multi-modal teaching and learning spaces and reimagining curriculum development, HE in the global South, or how grounded praxis can be leveraged for our work as academic practitioners.

Following workshops in Academic Development, Student Learning, Professional Learning, Curriculum Development and the Decolonising National Interest Group, we will hold smaller group conversations that encourage strong deliberation, and will give attendees the opportunity to present their own ideas, findings and opinions.

These panel discussions, presentations, posters, workshops and group conversations will be presented in a range of stimulating formats as we explore what it means to be resilient, responsive and relevant in ever-changing HE contexts.

As you prepare to share your thoughts and perspectives, and present your ideas for discussion, our excitement to engage with you online continues to build!

View the full five-day programme at the link below.