The organising committee of the ICED22 Conference has opened up their call for abstracts! This hybrid conference, which is being organised by the International Consortium for Educational Development and the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education, will take place in Aarhus, Denmark between 31 May 2022 and 3 June 2022. It is focused on the crucial role played by educational developers in achieving sustainable development.

Abstract submission information

ICED22 has four presentation formats, each with their own specific guidelines:

You are encouraged to submit abstracts in any of these formats. The organisers seek high-quality abstracts that align with the overarching theme for the conference: Sustainable Educational Development. They must be on topics that are of clear and direct relevance to the academic development field relating to higher education, curriculum development, faculty development, scholarship of teaching and learning and continuing professional development.

When uploading your abstract for submission you will also be asked to select up to three of the following sub-themes:

  • Resilience: how to support teacher agency and teacher identity in times of changes and transitions, and how to build resilient teacher teams and teaching cultures?
  • Durability: how do we maintain visibility and partnerships with teachers, and how could educational development centers interact with leadership and management about durable and long-lasting educational development solutions?
  • Access, equity and diversity: how could educational developers and educational development respond to the societal issues of access, equity and diversity? How are these responses translated into practice?
  • Sustainable learning spaces: how can educational developers contribute to building sustainable institutional environments and spaces, physical as well as online, that enhance learning? What do we consider unsustainable educational environments, and what can we learn from these?
  • Recontextualization: how can we reuse practices and theories in educational development and what happens to ‘old’ practices or theories when we reuse them in new contexts? What is a proper balance between innovation and preservation in educational development?
  • Change: which frameworks and ideas about change do educational developers, leaders, teachers etc. apply, implicitly as well as explicitly? How do we maintain quality in responses to organizational change? How could educational developers contribute to organizational change?
  • Well-being: what are viable solutions for preventing potential burn out and fatigue among educational developers and faculty working on educational development? How to address teachers’ well-being as part of educational development in challenging times affected by circumstances such as Covid-19?

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1 October 2021. Contact the organising committee at if you have any questions regarding which format to choose.


The illustrious line-up of keynote speakers includes HELTASA Chair, Kasturi Behari-Leak (University of Cape Town, South Africa), as well as Kathryn Sutherland (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Adrianna Kezar (University of Southern California, USA) and Klara Bolander Laksov (Stockholm University, Sweden). Read more about them here.

For more information on the conference generally, watch this video about ICED22 and Aarhus and visit the event page.