The HELTASA Digital Learning and Teaching Project Team will be hosting the second digital dialogue of 2023 on Wednesday 24th May 12:00 – 13:30. We would like to continue our conversation started during the first dialogue on how to respond to AI in higher education. This time we would like to focus on how institutions are responding or planning to respond. We will invite three presenters to discuss with us the following questions:

  • What approaches are in use in South African universities (and beyond)?
  • How do we frame these conversations?
  • Who should lead these conversations?
  • Who else needs to be involved?
  • Do we need guidelines or policies?

We have invited three speakers. Our first invited speaker (Dr Mags Blackie, Rhodes University) will focus on big picture framing. We will then have two speakers sharing current or planned responses at their institutions: Dr Kendi Muchungi (Aga Kahn University, Kenya) and Prof Sandie Dann (Loughborough University, United Kingdom).

These digital dialogues serve as a platform for the HELTASA Digital Learning and Teaching Project Team to stimulate discussion about all matters linked to digital learning and teaching within the South African higher education context. No matter if you are an academic, an educational developer, an instructional designer or have some other role, if you are interested in digital learning and teaching approaches, including online, blended and many others, we would like to hear from you.

Date: 24 May 2023
Time: 12:00 – 13:30
Platform: Zoom


Time Topic Presenter (facilitator)
12.00-12.15 Welcome, check-in and overview / general framing of the session Nicola
12.15-12.30 Purpose of Higher Education and implications for engagement with AI Mags Blackie, Rhodes (facilitator)
12.30-12.50 2 institutional responses Aga Khan University, and Loughborough Dr Kendi Muchungi and Prof Sandie Dann
12.50-13.05 Q&A Simone
13.05-13.20 Institutional responses – sharing in break out rooms Daniela
13.20-13.30 Check out Greig