The Croatian member of the ICED network kindly invites the network members to participate in a study by following the link here.

The study focuses on teaching in higher education. We are interested in how the teaching professionals in higher education and the university teachers understand and describe positive relationship/passion for teaching. The study is part of the project “PROSO – The professional socialisation of junior researchers in teaching”, supported by the University of Rijeka.

The project is a collaboration between the University and the Association for Higher Education Development “Universitas”. The aim of this research is to identify, describe and understand the characteristics of junior researchers’ professional socialisation which are beneficial for developing positive attitudes towards teaching. The research will have a qualitative approach, which could ensure multiple perspective on the phenomenon. We hope that research results could serve as a starting point for discussion aiming to propose new guidelines for improving teaching in Croatian HE institutions.

We would like to share the results of our study with the ICED network, and further discuss this topic with the members of the ICED community.