HELTASA will have the pleasure of hosting the Perspectives on Teaching Excellence Webinar on October 27 2021, with speakers Professor Gerrit Stols and Dr Britta Zawada.

In preparation for the HELTASA (Un)Conference on 6 – 10 December, this lunch hour webinar forms part of a series of pre-conference webinars and workshops. The webinar will generate debate and awareness about what constitutes teaching excellence, and the importance of teaching excellence and classroom practice as core academic practice.

As HELTASA aims for the continuous growth of dynamic academic spaces and academic thought, these speakers will present unique perspectives as distinguished teachers in their fields.

Professor Stols is the Director of the Department for Education Innovation at the University of Pretoria. His area of expertise is the innovative use of technology in education. Prof Stols spent a semester as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Great Falls in the USA and has assisted the Naruto University of Education in Japan with the training of mathematics teachers and course facilitators, also having published a range of articles in national and international journals.

Presentation title: What is excellent teaching?

Dr Zawada holds a postgraduate qualification in teaching (University of Pretoria) and in Distance Education and e-Learning (from the University of Maryland in the USA). She was awarded the UNISA Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and has presented at international conferences. Dr Zawada has published 16 articles and a book, as well as supervised both masters and doctoral students in Cognitive Linguistics. With a focus on scientific editing, translation and interpreting, from fields such as geology, theology and linguistics, HELTASA is excited to share the seminar floor with her.

Presentation title: Reflexive praxis as necessary step in celebrating teaching excellence

Dr Britta Zawada

As the HELTASA community expands its collaborative networks and gains insights from these prominent speakers, we look forward to hosting a seminar that will propel HELTASA’s aims of producing inclusive and engaging academic event spaces, that will generate a cadre of academics who are able to provide further inspiration in teaching excellence.

Full seminar details can be found below:
Theme: Perspectives on Teaching Excellence
Date: 27 October 2021
Time: 12:30 – 13:45
Speakers: Professor Gerrit Stols / Dr Britta Zawada
Platform: Microsoft Teams