Shape-shifting: past experiences, current realities and future possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has foregrounded the need for HELTASA to be responsive to the changing higher education context. The 2021 HELTASA (un)conference focuses on Doing Academia Differently by exploring professional and student learning, curriculum and academic development and decoloniality.

Save the date!

We will be running five half-day sessions for the 2021 HELTASA (un)conference, to reflect on the important lessons we have learnt about teaching and learning during this pandemic. Covid-19 underscored the need for us to be proactive and prompt when responding in a changing higher education context.

We look forward to receiving contributions from, but not limited to, academic developers, lecturers, students, NGOs, academic and professional bodies, and representatives from the Department of Higher Education and Training, Universities South Africa and the Council on Higher Education.

Look forward to an invitation for proposals in July!

Watch this space.