Tutor, Mentor and Supplemental Instruction SIG Workshop at the South African National Resource Centre (SANRC) FYE Conference

The HELTASA Tutor, Mentor and Supplemental Instruction SIG  workshop will be hosted at the South African National Resource Centre (SANRC) FYE Conference.

Date: 23-25 May 2018

Venue: Garden Court Marine Parade Durban.

Pre-conference Workshop on Tutor Procedure & Practices

In most universities in South Africa, tutoring has become an integral part of the university’s teaching and learning process. Tutoring can be regarded as a key strategy for improving the student’s academic success and professional goals. Higher education intuitions have been actively working towards providing an ‘engaging’ tutoring programme that delivers quality tutoring in a collaborative and caring environment so as to increase undergraduate student retention and success. Although there have been many success stories on tutoring, there is limited information available on the monitoring and evaluation of tutor programmes.

This workshop interrogates two main areas in the tutoring process:

  1. The effective monitoring and evaluation of tutoring programmes
  2. Responding to feedback from tutors and students.

The workshop will take the form of an interactive workshop with all stakeholders working together to identify best practice in monitoring, evaluation and feedback within university tutor programmes.

 Pre-conference Tutor Workshop: 10:15 – 13:00

Part One:  1 hour 15 minutes

Title: Towards Quality Tutoring:  Sustainable and Inclusive Best Practices in  Monitoring and Evaluation of Tutor Programmes.

Part Two: 1 hour 15 minutes

Title: Student Feedback as a form of student engagement and to gauge perceptions with regards to student support.

The objectives of the tutor workshop are:

  • To promote sharing and cross-learning of best practices with regard to Monitoring, Evaluating and providing Feedback in Tutor programmes across universities in South Africa
  • To strengthen the capacity of South African universities’ tutorial programmes, so as to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through shared learning of what works and what does not work
  • To develop a sustainable plan for documenting M, E & F best practices amongst universities in South Africa
  • To encourage communities of practice amongst the various stakeholders involved in tutor practices and procedures at universities locally and internationally

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