The HELTASA Tutoring & Mentoring SIG would like to invite participants to submit abstracts for a parallel session on Tutoring & Mentoring in collaboration with the SANRC FYE Conference 2018.


Presenters are encouraged to align their proposed topics with the SANRC FYE Conference 2018 theme:

Toward the pursuit of excellence in national support to South Africa’s first-year students: critically examining all aspects of the FYE

Presentation type:

Three 60 minutes sessions has been allocated for the HELTASA Tutoring & Mentoring SIG. The allocated sessions would take place on one day within the conference programme and would run concurrently with the SANRC FYE sessions.

Presentations could take on the following two formats: Panel or Workshop style. Presenters in these sessions are allocated additional time due to the depth of the overall topic of the session. Presentations during these sessions should not be extended presentations or reports but should instead focus on either collaborations (panel) or interaction among participants (workshop).

Presenters in their abstracts need to indicate the type of presentation and address the following requirement:

Panel Presentation

A panel typically consists of a chair and two speakers, each presenter on the panel should present for approximately 15 minutes, with the final 15 minutes set aside for audience interaction and discussion. The abstract submitted must list the chair and the two speaker’s individual talking points. Each participant in the panel should have 250 words talking points to the topic chosen. The abstract must be strong, have a unifying theme and focusing on significant issues relating to the conference theme.

Workshop Presentation

A workshop should be interactive and involve the audience in developing new knowledge, solutions for curricular, implementation or evaluation and assessment of tutoring and mentoring practices and programmes in first year of study. The delivery of the workshop should be 60 minutes. The abstract for the workshop should not be longer than 500 words. It should also include: a brief description of the format of the workshop, activities and hand outs (if required).

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for the HELTASA Tutoring & Mentoring segment of the SANRC FYE conference can be sent to

The review process and deadlines of the SANRC FYE conference would be adhered to.

Submission Procedure

Please note the following dates carefully, particularly with regard to the need for early letters of acceptance in order to secure conference funding.

Round 1

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 30 September 2017
Notification of Acceptance: 14 October 2017

Round 2

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: 01 December 2017
Notification of Acceptance: 28 February 2018

Round 3

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: 15 March 2018
Notification of Acceptance: 30 April 2018

Submission of .ppt conference presentations: 10 May 2018