On behalf of HELTASA, the Programme Development and Student Learning project teams and the inter-institutional Student Feedback Community of Practice (CoP) members invite everyone involved in Student Feedback to participate in our forthcoming Coffee Conversation themed Recentring the Student Voice in Student Feedback. The Coffee Conversation is a participant-driven and informal space that involves representatives from various higher education institutions who share their input and generate ideas on how students engage in and experience feedback processes at their institutions. We aim to critically reflect on how best to transform student feedback processes in our institutions. Please note the details of the Coffee Conversation:

Date: Wednesday, 1 June
Time: 12:30pm
Theme: Recentring the Student Voice in Student Feedback
Format: Coffee Conversation

HELTASA supports transformative and creative pedagogies; hence we encourage you to share your ideas using innovative, multilingual formats. For example, you can use this Padlet to upload written and/or visual contributions such as text, poetry or a short video or voice note. The video or voice note must be a maximum of 3 minutes long.

We recognise that processes involving student feedback on teaching and courses may be unique and context-specific. Therefore we provide the following guiding questions should you want to draw on some of them:

What are the student feedback processes at your institution? What do these processes entail, and who is involved in them? How do students experience these feedback processes? Do they see any value in these feedback processes? If not, why is this the case? What are the taken-for-granted assumptions about student feedback? Do these feedback processes influence teaching and learning? How does the feedback process influence the overall student experience? How could these feedback processes support teaching and learning and the overall student experience? What would you like those involved in student feedback to know?

Please click the button below to register for the Coffee conversation.

You may also contact Anthea Adams (a.adams@ru.ac.za), Dr Nelia Frade (neliaf@uj.ac.za) or Dr Rejoice Nsibande (rejoice.nsibande@wits.ac.za) if you have any questions.