Digital Dialogue Series Invitation: How do we navigate the AI hype together?

The HELTASA Digital Learning and Teaching Project Team will be hosting the first digital dialogue in 2023 on Wednesday 15 March 12:00 – 13:30. We invite you to participate in an informal, facilitated cross-institutional dialogue where we explore how to navigate the AI/Chat GPT hype together as a community of practice.


Book Launch: Critical Reflections on Professional Learning during Covid-19: Context, Practice and Change

The first HELTASA book was launched by the Professional Learning Project Team. This book is a collection of written reflections on South African academics’ professional learning during Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) and how they navigated the rethinking and adaptation of teaching, learning and assessment.


Key Takeaways: Digital Assessment Opportunities and Challenges

The HELTASA Digital Teaching and Learning Team hosted their third and final Digital Dialogue for 2022 on 28 September entitled “How does a digital world pose opportunities and challenges around assessment and academic integrity?”. Read the key takeaways from the first and second Digital Dialogues.


Key Takeaways – Reimagining change with emergent strategies

HELTASA’s Digital Teaching and Learning Project Team facilitated two Digital Dialogues in 2022. The first Digital Dialogue in May was prompted by the question “What’s happening digitally at your institution now?”, the focus for the second was on digital inequalities and emergent strategies in higher education. This involved a facilitated emergent strategies process, drawing on participants’ collective agency to share incremental steps towards change and thereby, reshaping our relationships with change.


Webinar: Ubuntu centred leadership

We invite you to attend a webinar, focusing will focus on Ubuntu centred leadership. Organized by the Academic Development Leaders group, the webinar will examine what it means to be an academic development leader in the current HE context and create a space where AD leaders share strategies in response to the institutional and national needs with agility.

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