PhD Programme

PhD Programme

The DHET- HELTASA Doctoral programme is a four-year programme leading to a PhD focusing on the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education in South Africa. It was launched in April 2021 with 10 academic staff developers registered as candidates at different universities in South Africa. The programme is steered by an Advisory Committee and flanked by a team of supervisors nationally. A twin project attached to the PhD programme is the Decolonial Supervision Programme which was launched in 2021.

There is always a scope for interested academics and decolonial scholars to contribute, share ideas with the programme. We have invited academic guest speakers to share their perspectives during our remote sessions building up to doctoral proposal for the students and reimagining of supervision in Higher Education.

Contact us: /, Cell no.: 0814162685

Prof Kasturi Behari-Leak

Prof Kasturi Behari-Leak

Project Manager - UCT



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PhD Programme

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The Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA) is a professional association for educators and other significant role-players in the tertiary sector.

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